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Panther Tyres Factory Documentary - Discover Pakistan – 4th March 2024

On March 4th, 2024, Panther Tyres embarked on an exciting collaboration with Discover Pakistan for a documentary shoot. This joint effort saw Panther Tyre’s marketing team join forces with Discover Pakistan’s videography team as they journeyed to the Panther Tyres Sheikhupura factory.

The primary objective of the documentary was to provide viewers with an in-depth look into the operations of the factory, offering insights into the tyre manufacturing process and showcasing the utilization of cutting-edge technology. The documentary aimed to demystify the complexities of tyre production, presenting the information in a simple and accessible manner for all viewers.


By highlighting the intricacies of the manufacturing process, Panther Tyres aimed to showcase its commitment to quality and innovation. This included a detailed exploration of each step, from raw material selection and processing to the final quality checks. The collaboration with Discover Pakistan provided a valuable platform to share this story with a wider audience, further enhancing Panther Tyres’ brand visibility and reputation


Additionally, this documentary aimed to educate potential customers and industry partners about the stringent quality control measures and advanced technologies employed by Panther Tyres. By doing so, the company sought to build greater trust and credibility within the market. This partnership with Discover Pakistan not only highlighted Panther Tyres’ dedication to excellence but also underscored their efforts to remain at the forefront of the tyre manufacturing industry.